Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Florida, Part Four

Florida might have been the quickest four days of my life. I knew it was inevitable that we had to come home, but I think I was hoping it would go slower than it did. 

We went for a run on the morning we had to leave and I found two coconuts. I brought them home with me, like a true tourist. I snapped pictures like a true tourist too... including this little courtyard Jenn has behind her apartment. (I love courtyards. Someday I will have one.) And the odd little spider that  looks like a crab and loves the antenna on Jenn's car. He makes the webs, Jenn breaks the webs. Wash, rinse, repeat...

But then we had to leave. We took the long way home too... up to Chicago, and then back to Salt Lake. Em handled the flight well, and we had an extra seat next to us for the last, most antsy leg of the flight home.

I do love coming home. Especially to Steve and my pirates.
But good golly. Florida was fun.


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