Sunday, May 11, 2014

win : win

I ran through high school. I ran through college, and my one actual experience with soccer was at something younger than five years old. (The only thing I actually remember from that one is running off the field crying.)

So when I got the email saying Erikboy's team didn't have a coach I let it sit in my inbox for three weeks. And then I got another email saying the same thing. I let it sit for a day. And then something inspired me (the way his cute face lit up when I suggested the idea?) and I volunteered as tribute. After I hung up the phone... I kind of couldn't believe it. And I was so nervous for the first practice - it was comedic.

But I did it. I read through the provided rule book three times. Vocabulary words like "goal line," "sideline," "corner kick," "goal kick," and "throw-in" started bouncing around in my head. They didn't stay put though - and towards the middle of our games they'd jumble themselves together and meddle with any smarts I thought I had. But we have two games left, and I'm happy to announce I have embarrassed myself only twice. (Once, when I wasn't sure about a corner kick and once again with a throw-in.)

Erikboy has progressed though, despite my excellent coaching.  And it's been fun.

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