Thursday, May 22, 2014

the one and only second grade dance

A couple months ago I picked up Robs from school. She opened the door and threw herself onto the seat. "Mom," she said, "I have been dancing all day long and I am exhausted!" (Robs loves a good drama and regularly I purchase front row tickets.) I asked for the details. "We're getting ready for THE SECOND GRADE DANCE and it's so fun. But I am so tired. I really, really have to wear different shoes tomorrow." (Her cowgirl boots, apparently, are not the best for dancing.)

So for the next couple of weeks Robs would plan her shoes every day according to her practice schedule. She would plan her outfits too - and she let me know ahead of time when she was going to be extra tired. And only once, after a particularly difficult afternoon, she let me know just how far below average her dancing partner was when it came to catching her. (It was adorable... and I admire her confidence. At her age I think I would have died at the thought of having someone 'catch me.') Every now and then I'd see her skip-hop through the kitchen or pump her arms on the trampoline. She marked the day on our calendar and reminded me several times...

...and today was the day! THE SECOND GRADE DANCE. It comes but once in a lifetime, really. And she did so well. She danced her little heart out to classics like Do-Re-Mi remixed with a techno beat, Singing in the Rain, and my personal favorite, Men in Black. (She got to wear sweet black shades.)

The program was adorable, from start to finish. And it was a memorable way to end such a memorable year. I keep pinching myself - because it's hard for me to believe she's finishing up with second grade. It makes me want to stop time. Second grade is still so fresh in my memory... and now I have an almost-third-grader. Who is confident. And happy. And friendly. And creative. And the cutest line dancer. Ever.

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  1. This post made my mama heart flip over a bit. This thing we signed up for, wow. It throws me for a loop now and again. But at the end of the day, it is what we call joy.