Monday, April 28, 2014

they were finding socks

They were supposed to be finding socks. But then Robs found a cape and Erikboy found Robs and one thing lead to another... and it summed up almost every morning we've had all year long. Some days it drives me crazy... and some days I find it hilarious. Last week, when I was finding it crazy, I called my mom later in the day to see what she did about it, because I had a hunch antics like these might be genetic. (It turns out they are.) She kindly reminded me of all the days we raced to school, and all the silly things we said as each minute brought us closer and closer to being late. "It wasn't stressful, though," she reminded me, "it was so fun."

Which is what I needed to hear. Because on this day, when they were supposed to be getting socks, we had about three minutes until it was "absolutely time to leave!" 

I snuck up behind them, snapped two photos, helped them find socks, took Robs' cape, found some shoes, and corralled them out the door. These pirates are so fun, and I know all of this is going to pass so quickly. Robs won't always jump out of doors in a super-girl cape - and Erikboy won't always have that silly laugh as he tries his best to foil her super-plans. I try to live in the moment... and it means most days we make it to school juuuuust barely on time. 


  1. I was sent to the principals office only once in my school career... ya know why? Cause I was a few minutes late to school too often. Its genetic. But ya know what? I wouldn't trade in those hilarious and sometimes soul searching minutes for anything. The principal just had to deal with it.

  2. It took me the entire flipping school year to figure out that the reason we are always late is because she wants, nay NEEDS an easy, gentle start to her day, conversation over breakfast, a little play time with her siblings, and lots and lots of chatterboxing. So she gets up earlier now and we take it easy and it's bliss. The whole. Flipping. Year. I felt like a genius when I finally figured it out. Bless her for being my first.

    1. hahahahha!!! Ditto. Everything. :)