Tuesday, April 22, 2014

squísh calls it the "fun bus"

Stars. Pink. Ponies. Stairs. It has everything a girl could want. We rescued it from the untimely doom of a friend's thrift pile - and now everything is 'ponies.' I spend most of my day talking with Squísh's ponies. I ask them what Squísh wants for breakfast (cinnamon rolls) and I ask them what Squísh wants to wear. (Soft pants.) We give the ponies hair cuts with play scissors - and they find imaginary caves in the most unimaginable places. (Under my leg whilst I'm feeding Em.) It's adorable... and I know it will only last a short while.


  1. Pants?! She's moved on from dresses? :)

  2. Aw! Elena called them "soft-ly" pants for the longest time. I love seeing her world. So precious.