Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Three Things:

One: On Sunday we woke up to this view. (Pictures never do it justice.) It was gorgeous. 

Two: I love when Em wears blue. I dolled her up on Sunday, and then let Steve take her so I could teach a class at church. Within fifteen minutes he texted me to tell me he was headed home, as her diaper had utterly failed at it's one and only purpose. So much for those blue polka dots...

Three: We celebrated President's Day on Sunday. My sister came up with the idea of honoring Abraham Lincoln this year - and my mother made it happen with class. (She hand cut the silhouettes!) We made Chicken Fricasse (rumored to be his favorite) and then discussed a number of his finest qualities over cake and apple pie (also rumored to be his favorites.) It was terribly fun. I'm even thinking it would be fun to regularly highlight great people - and their favorite meals. (Chicken Fricasse was delicious.)

1 comment:

  1. I love it all. The view. That baby! The Presidents day celebration. What a fun idea. Every year I vaguely think of doing something fun for Presidents day and every year I don't. Maybe next year!! What a great idea.