Monday, February 10, 2014

they adore him

Last week Erik was lamenting the fact that he had no brothers. We were driving home from school. (Some of our best conversations happen during that three minute commute.) "Erik," I said, "someday when we get a dog - it will be a boy." He was elated.

Two days later I heard him talking to Steve. "Dad," he said, "we need to stick together because we're the only boys." And then he paused... "Until we get a dog." Then he went on to tell Steve all about our future boy dog, including how it'd basically be as good as a brother - because dogs like to wrestle, play with sticks and balls, and be outside.

But then Squísh piped up and told him just how much she loves all those things too! It was adorable. And then he and Squísh went on to discuss the necessary characteristics of our future dog. 

Sometimes he laments having no brothers... but deep inside that sweet little soul, I think he knows he has it made with three adoring sisters.

And someday a dog. 


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