Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Erik has a new best friend.

His name is Stealer - and he's our neighbor's new dog. Yesterday we went to see him just real quick - but stayed for an hour while Erik threw a slobbery tennis ball over, and over, and over. Erik loves him. He can't stop talking about him... and he fell to sleep last night making plans for today and how he's going to go play with Stealer. 

I figured Erik was bound to love him, but when Squish started playing too - I was shocked. (Stealer is almost bigger than she is.) After a couple minutes even Robs joined in and Em laughed at some of his tricks. I've never seen such a friendly dog. He didn't sniff or bark, and he left the littlest pirates alone. It seems his whole purpose in life is to catch the slobbery tennis ball - which he does - leaping and jumping with reckless abandon. Erik calls it being "hypnotized" by the ball and it cracks him up. Someday we'll have a dog too... but for now - I couldn't be more excited to have him just over the fence.  


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