Thursday, February 20, 2014

cleaning check

A couple days ago I went on a three mile run and waltzed my stroller through a garden plot of goat-heads. I popped the tube seven times over. I'd tried to find time to purchase a new one all day - but it didn't happen. So at bedtime, Em and I took to the store after kissing three pirates good night and wishing Steve the best of luck. (He really is a gem.) 

When I got back the house was quiet. No one was moving around - anywhere... I went upstairs to find Steve. He was sound asleep on the floor in our bedroom (as one pirate was sound asleep in our bed) with a LARGE PILE OF STUFF (including a tiger) teetering over his head. I started laughing and woke him up. I tried to keep my voice down as I asked where the pile had come from. The tired, love of my life looked at it as if he'd never seen it before (because he hadn't.) 
"Where did it come from?" I asked again, in between belly laughs. He said he didn't know.

But then Squísh poked her not-so-sleepy head out of her darkened, now spotless room. "Mom?" she whispered, "You're back."

The chickie had "cleaned" her room.. in the dark... whilst everyone was sleeping - and quietly piled the unwanted contents high around Steve's sleeping head. 



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