Thursday, January 23, 2014

a little bumpy...

We've been having issues with kindergarten. Erikboy refuses to go. I think it has something to do with a mishap on the playground involving a yard teacher, a misunderstanding and a stern voice. (Which, if you're five, can be a fate worse than death.) And it might have something to do with the scissors being too small for his fingers, the math being boring, and the days being repetitive and long. We've tried to address all of the issues... but we're still having issues.

I'm channeling the strong, wise, mother - but... it's hard. There is a soft spot in my soul for each and every one of my pirates, but Erikboy's might be rather large. He looks at me with those big, blue, sopping-wet eyes each morning as I drop him off - and almost immediately I want to bring him home and read him stories. Or listen to his ideas. Or play spy. Or ninja. Or football. Or do anything but leave him at school, crying. 

It kind of kills me. And yesterday after a particularly difficult parting, it got to Squísh too. I'm hoping we can figure it out soon enough. 


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