Monday, December 23, 2013

at 4:47 in the afternoon...

Last week was a looooooong week. I had three sick pirates and it was the last week of school before Christmas Break. Which means the pirates missed their Christmas Sing, Christmas Parties, and all the Christmas festivities they'd been looking forward to all week. They were bummed. By the time Friday came around they were begging to go back. And then I told them we wouldn't have school for the next two weeks... 

Luckily it was snowing and they were well enough to go outside and play with friends. Crisis averted.

The past two weeks have left me in a slump. I'm trying to find some honest-to-goodness Christmas cheer... for honest-to-goodness sake. But I haven't been getting any sleep (more like a series of short naps) and the constant worry that Em is going to get sick, or that we're going to pick up some new kind of disease is driving me batty. We went to see a production of the Christmas Carol - I found myself relating to Scrooge. And Christmas is in two days! Heaven help me.

But the pirates are better this week - and my one Christmas wish is that we'll stay well for a while. With all the handwashing, laundry and disinfecting we've done... I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Here's to a better week... and Christmas while we're at it!


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