Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Somewhere in October I decided I'd do a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. I was stuck in my head and I do better when I have something to work towards. So when Emersen was born a week early, I figured it'd be a no brainer. I imagined myself running, free, ponytail blowing in the wind... 

But Thanksgiving crept closer and closer and I had yet to run even once. On the Wednesday before, I tried out my legs. They were incredibly slow...

I have a theory that the first run after having a baby is always a pain. With Robs I waited eleven days before running again. (It was a painful first run.) With Erikboy I waited two weeks. (It was painful as well.) With Squish I was determined to give myself time, and I waited six weeks. (It still hurt.) So with Emersen I waited until the day before Thanksgiving. (About three weeks.) Painful and incredibly slow. 

But so nice.... I was slow and freeeee!

I love to run. I love family. I love my pirates. I love babies. I love food. I love beautiful weather on Thanksgiving Day. I love having a whole day dedicated to gratitude... and food. I love!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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