Tuesday, November 26, 2013

finding us some nature.

Folks. (I pronounce the "l" in folks. Steve finds this endlessly humorous.) On Sunday we escaped the indoors and went for a walk in the canyon. This time of year it's usually covered in snow, but it was forty-something-degrees, and sunny, with not a chance of snow. I loved it. (Through blogging I've realized I'm highly affected by the weather.) 

We wove our way through the woods and criss-crossed three bridges. On the third bridge Robs noticed a sign that said something about weight limits and allowing only three people at a time. (All six of us had just crossed it at once.) And then on our way back Robs also noticed these pine needle/branches double as mustaches...

I love Robs.

It was a gorgeous day. And it was fun to hear all the pirates' comments about having Emersen with us. We took a family selfie (as per tradition) and she had us laughing with her grimace under her pile of pink blankets. A family that selfies together stays together. 

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  1. I love this! I have so many wonderful memories of being out in nature with my family.