Thursday, October 10, 2013

Squísh as a marshmallow.

This afternoon we planned on getting ice cream. (I had a coupon!) But then six-o-clock rolled around all sneaky like, so we had to pass and and head for dinner. We had pizza, a really green smoothie, and Steve and I asked the pirates all sorts of questions. (I love doing that.) We asked their favorite this or their favorite that, and about places we've lived - to see what they could remember.  I was surprised when Erikboy remembered the gym at our apartments in Louisiana. (He was younger than Squísh is now.) Robs remembered playing Backyard Rodeo. (...Steve pushing them in a pink car around a course we made out of leaf piles - one of our all time favorite games.) Memory Lane is so fun with pirates. I watched Squísh's face as she listened. She'd laugh with us - and then share her own snippets that began with "Yesterday..." (Yesterday is her word for anything that has happened at any point in the past.) It was charming. And lovely. And it was raining outside which made everything feel ten times more cozy.

And then we had a dance party.


  1. Squísh is looking so much like you. Just ask her to wear a red over-all jumper and cry while your snapping the picture:) it will be your spittin image!

  2. And then mabes add some pink glasses.