Sunday, October 13, 2013


Squísh has slept through the night since birth. (Hard to believe, yet completely true.) In her first eighteen months I could count on one hand the number of times I had to get up with her in the night. But the past couple of weeks, something changed and the chickie has not been sleeping. Last night we were awake for half of the night. She was having nightmares... one. after. another. Towards the end of the night I brought her into my room, and after waking up several more times, she checked to see if I was still next to her. (It backfired.) She started bawling - because my face was "scaaarrrrry." She pulled the sheets over her head, asked if I was nice, and begged me not to look at her. Part of me laughed, part of me wondered just exactly what my hair was doing, and (the logical) part of me finally turned on the lights. She was so relieved. She looked around the room. She checked to make sure I still had a baby in my belly. We got a drink of water. We turned on a night light... and after talking for a little while she finally drifted off to sleep the last couple of hours. Peacefully! 

Here's hoping I can figure this one out before we have a new little night-owl. And here's hoping the new little night-owl isn't a night-owl after all...

But mostly Here's to life! - and all of its crazy scenarios. Because honestly, having a two year old shaking under a blanket because of my scary face was hilarious. 


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