Sunday, October 6, 2013


I'm nesting. Like nobodies beeeeeesness. I can't open up a closet without wanting to re-organize. I can't walk through my house without wanting to scrub or vacuum every surface. And I (absolutely) can't wait to be finished gestating. 

But as I've been cleaning, and being patient... I've also been trying to figure how to put all three pirates in the same room (so we have a room for our fourth) and room enough that the three pirates still feel like they have a room. (Room. Room. Room. Room. The word sounds funny now.) I came up with so many scenarios, but none of them worked. Bunk beds seemed like the most realistic option, but we had bunk beds when we first moved in - and the pirates didn't love them. (Steve and I didn't love trying to get them out of the top bunk for middle-of-the-night bathroom trips either.) So I didn't really want to do bunk beds...

And then Friday night I figured it out - whilst I was sleeping. (Sometimes the best ideas come in the middle of the night.) This one woke me up - and I contemplated measuring it right then, but logic stepped in and I figured it'd be best to wait. Robs and I measured on Saturday morning - and it worked! Steve was gone - and I'm nesting (as in not patient.) So the pirates helped me move their beds.  It was crazy, and fun. And our upstairs was a jungle. But we got everything moved! And Erikboy taught Squísh his latest and greatest ninja moves. (She loved it - and was laughing SO HARD.) And now my three little pirates are all in the same room for a year or so. It's cozy... and I love it. 

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  1. Ahhh nesting :) I am so excited for you guys to have #4. What fun! And what an adorable room. I'm a sucker for all things stripe-y. Can't wait to see more of those rooms, and definitely can't wait to see the new little one. Good luck!!