Monday, September 16, 2013


This past week Erikboy had three soccer games. Robs had two. (Squísh had none - but she likes it that way.) Robs' first game was on Wednesday. I couldn't make it - so Steve went by himself but forgot to bring a blanket. Later he confessed that he made the mistake of trying to sit down, and that his backside got terribly wet. I chuckled to myself. (Next season I think we might spring for some chairs.)

This past Saturday we had two games. It was Erikboy's last game, and he was pretty excited. We invited my parents (who have an abundance of chairs) and we soaked up the sun (as opposed to the wet grass) for two hours.  

I like watching the pirates play. I like watching them stretch their limits of what they find comfortable, just eeeever so slightly. (Robs played goalie for the second time in her life on Saturday - and made two pretty nice saves.)

After his last game, Erikboy got a medal that said "WINNER." (It was the highlight of his day.) As we were walking back to our auto he told me that he'd been wanting a medal for basically his whole entire life, and that he was so glad he finally had one. Score. (I love those pirates.)

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  1. I've been MIA in blogland for a while.... Congratulations on baby 4! So happy for you! I love all your pictures as usual and I'm insanely jealous of your peach tree! :)