Sunday, September 1, 2013

playing catch-up: swim lessons

Robs and Erikboy took swim lessons this summer. (It was the single greatest thing I have ever done for them. Other than life itself.) But for a couple days before lessons began, Erikboy was beside himself. Robs wasn't sure what to think, but I reassured her nothing bad would happen - and therefore she'd be just fine. On the morning lessons began, they were both a little apprehensive. (Him more than her) But Robs is incredibly brave and volunteered to go first. 

She loved it. Absolutely, entirely, and completely. And we discovered she's a fish. Within a couple days she was swimming the breaststroke. Want to be surprised? (Or not surprised, really...) Erikboy wasn't too far behind.

I was so excited. At the beginning of the summer I couldn't bribe Erikboy to put his face under the water. I tried - but he stubbornly refused. (That changed so fast!) Another surprise? After swim lessons, nothing seemed to scare them anymore. Over the two weeks, it was almost like we'd flipped a switch, or turned a page, or started a new chapter... I watched both of my pirates find courage I'd never seen before. (But knew they had all along.)

(Courage is right up there with life itself...)
They're excited for next year. I'm excited for next year.


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