Wednesday, July 17, 2013

i love the rain.

Yesterday evening it rained. (Poured really... for Utah.) We pulled up two rockers and watched it bounce off the driveway. Robs grabbed our clear umbrella and waltzed around in flip-flops until they were soaked through. (It only took a couple minutes before she ditched them and let her toes dance.) Erikboy found a towel and considered the coverage good enough. So then he found a set of wheels and pedaled through the puddles, laughing as if it were the only rainstorm he had ever experienced. (His laugh and I are best friends.) Squish found herself an umbrella too - but came running back to the rocking chairs when the wind picked up and tucked herself into Steve's lap. 

I took pictures for the first little bit - I caught Robs' toes dancing, Erik's thrill, and Squish's curiosity. (And the light! It was ideal.) But then I put the camera away and enjoyed the evening. I borrowed the umbrella and let the rain splash on my legs. I rocked with Erikboy nestled on my lap and talked with Robs while she sat on the arm of the chair. We only went in when Squish got too sleepy... but even then we let the evening linger. It was so delightful. 

This morning I went to look at the pictures - and couldn't find a single one. Somewhere between taking the pictures and putting them on the computer, they disappeared. (I chalk it up to having an old card -  as in purchased when Robs was only a couple months old.) It's happened only once before - but now I'll be getting a new card. As for the evening? Sometimes the pictures get away. Or sometimes I don't even take the pictures... It makes me glad for memories. Happy memories. Especially happy rainy memories.

Happy Wednesday! 


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