Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Uncle Duty.

Months ago Robs had a piano recital. But it was during a busy time of year, so we didn't tell everyone about it until after the event. When my brother, (who had been one of those we didn't tell) found out the following week- he grabbed my arm. "Next time," he said, "you have to tell me! Things like that are Uncle duty!" Erikboy was close by. He started chuckling. And then he started laughing.

And then he asked, incredulously, "Your name is Uncle Dootee?" 

I let me brother try to explain... and then died laughing.

This past weekend we had him over for a little dinner party. (For the record: it was the most delicious meal I have ever prepared.) But ten seconds after they finished their plates, the pirates had him out on the trampoline. They're convinced he has crazy skills, (Longboard! Back flips! Daredevilish stunts!) and they love any time they can claim his undivided attention.

But today Uncle Dooty moved himself all the way to Mexico - for the next couple of months. Which isn't that long, but it's a whole lot farther than the usual thirty minute drive. We're going to miss him something fierce.

He'll be back though... with lots of stories to tell, and most likely some impressive new skills.

Things like that, after all, are Uncle duty.

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