Sunday, June 16, 2013

Party in the Park

We had a party at our park this weekend: to celebrate summer, and family, and cousins, and cousins, and cousins... It was terribly fun, and lasted all evening. We had to call it quits when Erikboy finally begged to go inside and sleep. I live for the summers here.

Serendipitously, our garage has a smorgasbord of riding toys. Squish's favorite is her "bicycle" - a tricycle she claims with a fury. (Heaven help the unsuspecting individual who goes to take a ride.) But the circus bike is a favorite with everyone. Maybe because it's tiny. And red. And has a high-pitched bell... whatever the reason, it gets ridden up and down the street with everyone's knees either tucking under or extending past those handlebars. It cracks me up. 

As we were falling to sleep that night I told Steve how I never once had a memory like this one. I had cousins, of course, but we didn't live close enough to really know each other, or race on riding toys. Or tricycles. Or circus bikes.  

But I'm so glad my pirates do. 

I treasure these summer evenings with family. And cousins. And cousins. And cousins. And I'm pretty sure the pirates don't give it much thought. (...they're much too busy having the time of their lives.) But one day they'll treasure these memories too. 


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