Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day.

Time is crazy. It boggles my mind. Which sounds funny, but it does. Because we start with one thing. But then one thing leads to another thing, which leads to another thing, which leads to another thing... and by the time we get five things down the road... the fifth thing knows hardly anything about the first thing (even though the fifth thing is inextricably tied to the first.) But the fact that the fifth thing doesn't know or remember much about the first thing, makes it seem (to the fifth thing) as if that first thing didn't ever exist. (But it did.) And it was every bit as real as the current fifth thing. It boggles my mind. (...and now that paragraph can boggle yours.) 

Yesterday evening we cruised the town with my parents. (On two wheels - because the weather is amazing.) But somewhere around the halfway point and at the top of a decent sized hill, we mentioned Memorial Day. (Robs asked for a definition, so I gave her the six year old version.) ...And it started me thinking. 

I love our nation. I especially love our liberty. Just thinking about the effort it took to get us here is almost as mind-boggling as time itself. ... and remembering some of the stories makes me appreciate it even more. I'm extremely grateful to the people who chose to build our nation by dedicating their lives to freedom.

Happy Memorial Day!


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