Tuesday, April 23, 2013

twenty-two items

The other morning I crawled out of bed. (I am a groggy crawler.) I brushed my teeth, put on a sweatshirt - and came back to find all three of my pirates with a smattering of books. They'd cozied themselves in and I hadn't heard a peep. Squish was reading out loud to herself. (It's absolutely adorable.) Erikbear had a book on the Titanic (his latest interest), and Robs was lost in story much larger than her six years. Reading our mornings from too early to just right is one of our favorite past times. I know it can't last forever - and at some point our mornings will be so busy... but I do love what we have right now. 

I love their smattering of books too. Last Friday we went to the library and checked out twenty-two items. One was a ghost story from juvenile fiction. (I have no shame and they're clean)  I stayed up until two in the morning and read it from start to finish. (...another perk of juvenile fiction.) On Saturday I started re-telling the story to the pirates and finished last night over dessert.  Erikbear begged for me to tell it again, so instead I started another story I'd found in juvenile fiction...   

Later, as we headed upstairs to bed, we talked about having stories in our heads... and how it makes things fun. The pirates told me about the "five stories" they get each night before falling to sleep. (I told them they were lucky pirates to have a "five-story" dad.) We read the scriptures, we tucked everyone in, I said goodnight and those five stories began...

Stories make life rich.


  1. You're back! Two days in a row. Please let this be true. We've missed you!!