Wednesday, March 20, 2013

We have a case of the grumps. I figure it's most likely because my foot is broken, am not running, and therefore am subliminally more grumpy than my usual self...

...but then sometimes that doesn't make sense because I am trying so. hard. to be positive. It seems to be little things that set our grumps aflame. But every situation, in all of it's glory is so unique- it's been difficult to make any kind of diagnosis. I've thought about removing all the toys from our house. I've made chore charts. I've made new chore charts. A job jar. An earlier bedtime. A later bedtime. And we still have the grumps.

Yesterday around six thirty in the evening I had no more solutions. But Robs and Erikbear were still being grumpy. I looked them both in the eye and warned that I'd anxiously help them clean toilets if they did not anxiously try to cheer up. Erikbear took the warning seriously and found something to do in another room. Robs sat for one minute before letting one last grump fly. We dropped what we were doing and headed to the bathroom. 

It worked like a charm. She loved every single minute. She scrubbed the outside. She scrubbed the inside. She scrubbed the sink, the faucet, the mirror, the countertop. She emptied the trash, and by the time we finished every last one of her grumps were long gone. 


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