Tuesday, March 5, 2013

this was our Tuesday.

It was beautiful. It left me wanting for nothing. (Except maybe that missing portion of my fifth metatarsal.) Parker climbed to the top of our front yard tree while the rest of everyone looked on with envy. (No one else has figured out how to climb as high.) After a couple minutes they lured him down with the promise of playing soccer at the park. (Which they did.) And then they rode their bikes down the grass hill and wore themselves out trying to ride back up. So instead they picked out shapes in the clouds while sitting in the field. I thought about going inside to make dinner but decided against it. (See opening statement.) When we did have dinner, it was grilled cheese sandwiches and beans with a spinach/carrot/cherry smoothie and it took all of ten minutes to prepare. (Thank heavens for smoothies.) 

Tuesday kind of set the standard for March afternoons. 


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