Monday, March 11, 2013

Life is Tuesday.

This morning Erikbear and Squish ate yogurt and bran buds while I packed a lunch. Robs slept until twelve minutes before we had to go and ate her yogurt in the car. Erikbear, Squish and I went about our morning. We had lunch. We went for a bike ride. Steve came home early. I picked up Robs from school. We finished our chores. I took a power nap, and then the five of us went outside. I raked leaves. Steve bagged leaves. Erikbear built a bike ramp out of dirt and found buried cars from last fall. Squish jumped on the trampoline all by herself, and Robs dug up some of the foolhardy weeds already starting to show. 

I came inside to blend up a smoothie. And cook green beans. And defrost peas. And put a pan of frozen chicken nuggets in the oven. And by the time the pirates came inside they were laughing. Apparently there was a dog named Jenny that scared the bajeebees out of Robs but gave Erikbear a deeper desire to have one of his very own. Squish gave me a couple live renditions of Robs' reaction. 

For the past couple of days I've been trying to wrap my head around well... everything. Schedules. School. Friends. Technology. Blogging. Photography. Sports. Overdue library books. Broken metatarsals. Behavior I have no idea how to handle. Tile. Carpet. Money. Vegetables. A lack of desserts in my life. Too many desserts in my life. A lack of exercise... 

It's all very daunting. It's all very intangible too. And what I'm trying to wrap my head around is actually not my life. Life is actually more like the first two paragraphs... and those first two paragraphs are closer to what the pirates will remember about their childhood. Or they may not. But those first two paragraphs are closer to what I'd like them to remember about their childhood. Well... that and how much their mother loved them. And then maybe how their mother made really good smoothies and a mean pan of chicken nuggets. 


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