Monday, March 4, 2013


On Saturday I rode a bike next to my sisters as they got an insanely better workout, but I was so glad to be outdoors I stifled my jealousy and enjoyed the amazing weather instead. It was fifty, sunny, and as Erikbear would say... "AWESOME." He tells Squish and I he thinks we're "awesome" several times a day. And when Robs gets home he tells her too. I tell him he's incredible, or amazing, or fantastic. I try to switch up the adjective. He'll get this little smile on his face and then ask me to expound: he wants to hear the reasoning behind my compliment. 

So I let it fly... 

...and it's so fun. Have you ever tried complimenting someone to the moon and back? Telling them all the reasons you find them amazing... astounding.. wonderful? It's thrilling and it chases away the winter blues. (Fifty degrees helps too.) Erikbear has inspired me and I've started to give spur-of-the-moment-let-'em-fly-compliments to all my pirates. (Steve, too.) It's thrilling to see their  faces, and by the time I'm done I find myself so intensely grateful they're in my life. 


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