Wednesday, February 6, 2013

San Diego, Day Two.

We spent day number two in La Jolla... (I pronounce it "HOLLA!" but locals do not.) We went kayaking in the Pacific. We saw dolphins, (I have always wanted to see a dolphin.) seals, sea lions, pelicans, cormorants, fish... and the beachside residence of the late Dr. Seuss. We didn't see any sharks or whales - but apparently there are plenty of them. I wore a wetsuit, which wasn't entirely necessary because the water was perfect. (Hi! It's still February.) And then after a run we stopped to get lunch and explored downtown La Jolla. After a full day we watched the sunset on a beach at Torrey Pines and skipped dinner for frozen yogurt.  It was perfect. (I got extra chocolate sprinkles.) This was the first time we've ever vacationed sans pirates. It was so nice to feel carefree... but I'm so excited to bring them back with us. 


  1. We were in La Jolla this weekend too...sans kids!

    1. Steve is going to die when he hears this! I wish we would have KNOWN!!!!! We would have LOVED LOVED LOVED to see you guys!