Friday, February 15, 2013

i'm so glad it's friday...

I am a giant ball of "not me." My teeth hurt from new wires. I'm wearing a boot on one foot and it makes me hobble. There is a wire poking the back of my mouth. If I had a wish list it would begin with "run" and end with "fast."

But it's Friday.

Erikboy had a cousin over this afternoon and I haven't heard even one "I'm bored..." (Praise Be.) Soon it will be the weekend, and weekends are entirely lovely. The pirates will go to sleep early. We'll do our taxes and watch a movie. And on Saturday I am going to figure out how to participate in cardiovascular exercise with a broken foot. I think it will have something to do with a bike. And Squish is adorable. So really, everything is actually just fine. And it's Friday.


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