Thursday, February 28, 2013

good golly miss molly

Erikbear has two favorite words right now: "I'm" and "Bored." He says them both to me (one right after another) several times each day, but usually they mean something specific. Sometimes it means he wants to play outside. Sometimes it means he'd rather be riding bikes. Sometimes it means he's dying to jump on the trampoline. And sometimes it means he wants to watch a movie. Most of the time it means he'd rather be doing something different than what he's doing at that exact moment. And by exact, I mean exact. He can come in from jumping on the trampoline, and be "bored" before removing his coat or boots. 

Most of the time I try to find out what he really wants, and then have him talk to me about what he's actually asking. But sometimes when I have one thousand things I need to do, whilst hobbling around on one foot and one heel... "I'm bored" just doesn't fly. 

For example, yesterday by eleven a.m. I'd heard "I'm bored" entirely too many times. I quickly finished what I was doing upstairs and the both of us waltzed down two flights of stairs to the toy room. He was not impressed with my solution and gave me a thorough list of reasons why. But once we started shooting the blocks into the bucket, and tossing the cars into the basket, and sorting the toy food in the general direction of the toy kitchen - he told me he was having fun. It was a grand success, and twenty minutes later we landed with a clean room.

After we finished I found Squish singing. She'd spent the entire twenty or so minutes sorting through Robs' pink baking set - happy as a clam. I love my boy. I love my girls. But good golly, at certain times they are so different.

Happy Last Day of February! I don't know if I have ever been so excited to see March!


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