Tuesday, January 29, 2013

i love her mind.

Yesterday I picked up Robs from school, and she told me straightaway that she wanted a pet. In the next five minutes I was given four options: a dog, a cat, a bird, or a fish. We talked through the last three and then focused on the first. She told me we wouldn't need to finish our fence, because he could play on the deck. She talked about building him a house - complete with a toilet, because obviously, he'd need to be potty-trained. And if things got desperate he could always use the park next door - where she'd be less likely to step in anything. But before we could reach any final decision, the conversation shifted to her missing teeth, a teacher at school, and a few "unfair classroom laws."  

I love the intensity she has and the logic she attempts to use as she thinks things through. Sometimes it catches me off guard and I try to reason with her. It doesn't work. (She's as stubborn as yours truly.) I'm learning to listen. (And then write it down so I can always remember her six year old mind.) 


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