Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Freezing Petucci's.

Robs is in school again. Erikboy, Squish and I dropped her off this morning. I blew her a kiss, and watched as she and her pink boots shuffled inside- she's adorable. Part of me missed her already but another part anxiously welcomed routine back into our life. We've been sick for what seems like forever... and I think the plague combined with the severe temperatures has me absolutely stir crazy. And when I'm stir crazy... I worry. (I despise worries, but sometimes they show up announced and  rudely invade my thoughts...)

This morning I found myself worrying: Will these pirates ever be well? Will I ever be able to run outside? Is Squish too spicy? Should I send Erikboy to preschool? Will I ever be normal? Are there germs lurking around our house? Are the pirates getting enough vegetables? Should I...? Could I...? Can I...? And if I wasn't crazy before... 

I try to cope by bravely marching past each one.

I hope the pirates will be well. Someday. And at some point I will run outside again. (It might be until Spring.) And Squish might just be too spicy... but I do my best at reminding her not to pinch Erikboy or play in her food. And who are we kidding? (Her spice will most likely serve her well.) Erikboy would probably love preschool... after the initial shock. But it's not in our budget - that is if we ever want to retire. (And as crazy as it sounds, it's a very hard choice: Savings or Preschool.) And no... I probably won't ever be normal. But I don't really believe in "normal"- so it shouldn't bother me. Too much. Yes, there are probably still germs. Lurking. EVERYWHERE. (Count down from ten and take a deep breath. But not inside.. because of the germs.) And as far as vegetables go... I can only try.

It works about forty-nine percent of the time. I believe mothering is more difficult during the winter. There's germs. And germs. And germs. And only the great indoors... unless you have lots of winter gear (so you won't freeze your petucci's) or lots of friends - but we have neither. As of yet. Which, I have a sneaking suspicion, is part of my stir crazy. 

We need to purchase a winter home. Somewhere warm. Surrounded by friendly people.

The remaining fifty-one percent of the time I laugh at myself. (Which works one hundred percent of the time.) And then escape my head and pay attention to my real life and real life happenings. For example: painting.


  1. You're so pwetty.

    And I happen to know of at least a dozen winter houses in my near vicinity. Of course. Then you'd be back in the drrty south :) :)

    I do the same thing. all the time. If I can't be multi tasking with my body, you better believe I'm multitasking with my mind. Which is probably why I spent the morning cleaning and reorganizing their bedroom. I have one spicy daughter and one roll with it daughter. I have this awesome feeling that if they can just learn from each other, the "people pleaser" daughter will learn to stand up for herself and that it really doesn't matter what other people think and the "saucy" one will learn to let it go and that gentle is good, too. And me? I get to learn both from two little brown eyed experts. I love being a mom.

    P.S. I've decided since I can't seem to get my life in order and update my own blog, I'll just pop in to yours every now and then and leave long, obnoxious comments. You're welcome :)

    1. I love your comments. Don't ever stop. ...and I might not mind the drrrty south so much. Negative TEN is killing me.
      ...and it's always nice to hear we're not alone in this crazy life. :)

  2. Sounds like it might be about time for you to come visit us, though if you can hold out until March the weather is even more lovely. We mom's in this hot place get stir crazy in the summer but at least there are less germs. (You see, they can't take the heat).