Friday, January 25, 2013

Befores and Afters.

Last Thursday night before I fell to sleep I decided my laundry room needed board and batten. As in neeeded it... and it was a three day weekend. And a friend had just done the same thing in a room of her house. (Hello. I took it as a sign.) Friday evening when Steve got home I told him my plans. He looked at me like I was crazy until I explained board and batten - and then he looked relieved. He thought it was a five hundred dollar project. (It turned out to be fifty-six.) May I present... my laundry room.  Exciting, isn't it?

Kidding. But it makes a huge difference. There's defined, easily accessible space for the pirates' jackets and boots. And now, instead of tracking dirt onto our freshly installed carpet (I will never do carpet again. Wood floors from now until forever.) we walk into the laundry room where I can sweep up the tracked in dirt to my heart's content. And now I sleep better at night. Worth every one of those fifty-six dollars.


  1. It does look fantastic! Like a professional did it! Good job!

  2. So... the picture on the right is your inspiration photo from pottery barn's catalogue, riiiiiiight? :) :) It looks fabulous. I love simple organizational changes. They really do contribute to good sleep!