Wednesday, December 19, 2012

One Little Month...

I love December. I love the snow! I love the lights! I love the Christmas tree! I love seeing my pirates excitement and anticipation. I love all the time we get to spend together- and I loooove Christmas Break. But for history's sake, I have to document that every single weekend of this month so far has been rather difficult! It went from a miscarriage during the first week to the stomach flu during the second (whilst Steve was gone, mind you) followed by a national tragedy that has had me in tears since Friday. (We pray for those families every day.)

The truth is, we pray a lot. Squish has it down now, and she loves it. She requests to say every prayer she hears about and at the end she'll throw in some spirit fingers with the amen. (I can't decide which I love more, her spirited amen or listening to her words as she decides which ones to say.) Right now, it seems, prayer is my source of calm. With the miscarriage I learned life is fragile. (That's not easy to learn.) With the stomach flu I learned life is fragile. (Once again, not easy.) And after last week's tragedy I learned life is fragile. (It wasn't any easier the third time.)
All I can do is pray.

And I'm so glad He listens. 

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  1. Makes me think of one of my favorite songs, I think it used to be from EFY? "He hears me when I'm crying in the night, oh, he hears me when my soul longs to fight. Till the morning comes and the light of the dawn reassures - he hears me." and squish. sometimes I think my kids' prayers get to heaven faster. I know that's not doctrinal sound, but their faith seems stronger than mine on so many occasions.