Monday, November 12, 2012

From the archives:

We lived in one apartment in Louisiana. It was nice: New carpet. Beautiful pool. Big rooms. Quiet.... But I spent almost the whole time worrying my pirates would grow up impaired because for that brief bit o' time we had no backyard. But as if one wasn't enough, I'd worry the situation would never change and we'd always have no backyard. Or that we'd always live in an apartment. (Oh me of little faith, right?) It was silly. (I was also with child...which made me a bit more silly.) But neither of my worries came about- and we've had several backyards since then. I look at these photos from that brief time-in-my-life-with-no-backyard... and I think "LOOK AT THOSE CUTE LITTLE EARS!" or "LOOK HOW SMALL AND ADORABLE HE IS!" Of course I noticed those things during that no-backyard-time... but I wish I would have been wise enough to not worry

Which is why I'm glad I have archives 
and everything I've learned since then.


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