Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I enjoy reading the news everyday- and have for years. I can't describe how I appreciate a well-written, thought out, unbiased article. But lately I hold my breath, cross my fingers, round up and click on Google News: to find approximately NOTHING that comes close. So I skim, looking for a headline that appears to at least attempt a balance of journalistic opinion with fact... but end up most often with the same or similar result. So then I go about my day with thoughts of honesty, responsibility, and for the love, a bit of integrity.

I've decided this world would be a much better place, 
if only those journalists would have had mothers.

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  1. lol. circles of good information. that made me laugh. I don't know if you'll keep that comment above or not, so in a few short minutes, my comment might not make any sense... anyway...

    I totally agree with you. And it's become so aggravating and sensationalized I almost can't stand it. It's like literary high fructose corn syrup - a shock of fake sweet that no one really needs (and quite frankly, more people would appreciate truth in its raw form, or even HALF truth), but everyone has come to expect. I would totally read the news you would report :)