Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Earlier this week Squish, Erikboy and I were on our way home from a stop at Deseret Industries. "Mom," Erikboy said as we waited for the light to change, "boys like cool stuff. Like cars, and monster trucks, and dirt, and shovels. Why do girls like boring things?" I had a good laugh in my head, because  I'd somehow escaped being lumped into that 'girl' category. (Perhaps it was because we'd just finished discussing the finer awesome details of his new Monster Jeep. ) But mostly I laughed because he's entirely boy- entirely on his own. He gravitates almost magnetically towards bikes, dirt piles, skateboards, motorcycles, ramps and shovels... even though he's been surrounded by girls for most of his life. 

Yesterday after school he was practicing some tricks on the skateboard. (In the grass, thank heavens.) But when he felt confident enough he took to the sidewalk. He'd barely begun his first attempt when the board rolled in one direction and he literally flew in the other. I caught the whole thing out of the corner of my eye- and braced myself for the worst. He stood up with a giant smile and a "That was so coooool!"  I laughed. Horizontal? Mid-air? It was pretty cool. ( back to the grass!)

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  1. I'm convinced that sometimes it is best to just catch things out of the corner of your eye... it's better for my abundance of gray hair, anyway.