Wednesday, October 3, 2012

chalk and legislation

Robs likes to create chalk masterpieces. She plans them out, places her finishing touches, admires her art... and shrieks when Erikboy tries to smudge it with his wheels. 

Erikboy likes to watch Robs make masterpieces. He rides his bike while she plans, rides his bike as she places her finishing touches, nonchalantly creeps closer as she admires her art, and then rides as fast as he can as she chases him away... shrieking. 

After several repeats, I pulled rank and passed impromptu legislation. I looked Erikboy in the eye: "Erikboy" I calmly said, "If you ride through Robs' drawing even one more time you'll be inside for the rest of the day." (...a fate worse than vegetables.) I caught Robs' attention: "Robs" I said, "If you shriek one more time, you'll be inside for the rest of the day." (...not ideal, but bearable.) And although I firmly believe in minimal legislation, it stopped the downward spiral and we went on with our afternoon. 

After work Steve came outside and unknowingly stepped on Robs' drawing before he had even said hello. Erikboy pedaled to a stop in front of him. "Dad" Erikboy said with a serious tone, "You have to go back inside. You stepped on her drawing."


  1. Ah Brothers, with their uncanny ability to torture us one minute and then fight to defend our honor the next.

    1. So true. And the ability to torture is perfected by age four, I believe.