Monday, August 6, 2012

Next door.

Last night the pirates were bouncing.... everywhere. Walls. Ceilings. Furniture. Each other. Around seven o' clock it had become extreme- so we opened the garage door and let them run free took them to the park.

Chase and Parker came too. We loooove Chase and Parker. For example: On Friday I took the pirates grocery shopping. Halfway through- they told me it was time to wrap things up- because they'd thought it through, and concluded that Chase and Parker would definitely be waiting for them... and they had to get home. Pronto.

As the sun was setting the pirates turned Robs' bike into a spinning wheel- which turned the grass into gold. At one point Squish pulled from the wrong pile of grass and Robs let her know right away: "No, Squish! That's the wrong one. That's GOLD!" I love their minds and their huge imaginations. (I used to an aqua/pink bike that doubled as an ice cream maker...)

We have fourteen more days of summer... 


  1. I had a pink bike that was a spinning wheel/pottery wheel/wood shaver contraption - not sure it has a real name, but in my mind, we used it to sand pieces of "wood" which were actually giant bricks of chalk.

  2. The last pic is my fave!!!