Thursday, July 19, 2012


Ever heard of Kennecott Copper? I sure hadn't... until we got terribly bored a couple weeks ago and I started looking up "THINGS TO DO..." (Kennecott turned up as one of those THINGS.)

It's a copper mine- and apparently it's visible from space. We paid five dollars and drove up the steep hill until we reached a windy overlook. I put two quarters in two binoculars and let the pirates take over. They loved it.

Afterwards we watched a movie (and thought about falling to sleep.) In a dark, cool, air-conditioned room we learned how Kennecott takes great pride in their eco-friendly ways and superior safety methods. I thought about purchasing my very own set of safety eye-wear as Squish let me know she was DONE. 

Right after the movie we checked out their glass cases of dump trucks, cranes, and every mini-mine-automobile imaginable. Erikboy loved them all- while Squish loved the in-floor air conditioning vents. Robs said her favorite part was looking through the binoculars.

It was fun! It was simple, inexpensive...
(I'm thinking I ought to do things like this more often.)

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  1. These pictures are so cool! And this looks fun. I do that all the time... just look up things to do - who knew there would be so many random things? ;)