Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Five days.

On Friday we had some friends from Louisiana stop by for a visit. We love them- so before they left we suggested they buy the house down the street. But they'd already purchased plane tickets to go home- so we sent them on their way with plans of maybe next year.

On Saturday we hauled fill dirt until the lows in our backyard were not quite so low, and steep cliffs had become more slope-ish.

On Sunday we had a birthday that lasted all day- and well into the night- filled with family, family, family, and great conversation.

On Monday as we were settling into our early evening, we got a call from some grandparents saying they needed our help with a box of donuts- and since things like that don't happen every day... and we're always trying to help... I ate four. Gross and delicious.

And then today? Another set of really great friends dropped by for a visit. We talked, we ate, we watched our children play as the sun set on their bedtime- and then made plans to do more of the same sometime soon.

(For the record- the past five days have been fabulous.)


  1. I want to come and visit! I wish I could hire you to follow my family around and blog about our lives. You do such an amazing job of it. Really. You should go professional.

    1. We want you to come visit too! ... or we'll come visit you! Either way- some visiting needs to happen.

  2. I love it when moms and dads get to have a summer break too filled with fun distractions and summertime pleasures; otherwise it's just same old same old with hotter weather and longer days. I think summer break is what I miss the most about being a kid. That and not having to pay bills :)

  3. Mark is going to be super thrilled that he was in your blog! haha
    We had a great time!! We'll definitly be there next year to see ya'.