Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Donny and Bob.

On Monday we went to see a musical in the mountains with Steve's brother and his wife. We went last year too, when the hills were alive with music-but this year they were blessing our beautiful hides. Donny came to watch as well, and apparently Robert Redford wished he could have been there-but was caught up filming a movie. So they blessed his beautiful hide anyway.

They sang, they danced, and we laughed while sitting curled up in a blanket under the stars. It was ideal. And the lawn seats? Cheaper and ten thousand times more comfortable. We stayed until there were two seconds left- and then snuck out the exit directly to our right. The marked path leading back to the parking lot heads straight up the mountain and down again before landing you right where you started. And when we got there? We jumped in the car and lead the line down the canyon- ...thanks to that two second head start.

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  1. So cool!!! This is one of my favorite musicals. Dorcas and Benjamin were my favorite. And how fun was that star sighting! Utah really knows how to do summertime :) :) Meanwhile, we are baking with expected temps in the mid 100s. Time for a popsicle :)