Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I couldn't get Squish to go to sleep. 
It was nap time, she was tired, but there was a zero percent chance of it actually happening.
I'm thinking it was the giant windstorm blowing around our house.
But the lack-of-nap happened right when it needed to, 
because I came downstairs to find this:

Our trampoline wedged between our apple tree, our fence, and our neighbor's play house.
...and the storm wasn't even close to being finished. 

Steve's dad came to the rescue and helped tie the frame to our deck.
When Steve got home- and the storm had blown itself out- we staked it to the ground six different times. 

It was funny to see the different Pirate Reactions:

Squish, of course, was grumpy- but it had nothing to do with the trampoline. 
Enriqueboy thought it was pretty cool... and then asked what I was going to do. 
Robs started jumping up and down... kind of in a panic, but kind of excited too. 

It definitely caught us all by surprise.
Here's hoping the stakes hold.


  1. That was CRAZY! I lost my favorite new chair to the wind :( Totally shattered it. Glad your trampoline survived!!

  2. That's exciting! Crazy what the wind can do.