Friday, June 22, 2012

Foto Friday: Week 42

The theme this week is SUMMER- which is full of fun things like beaches and pools, sunscreen, watermelon, and wonderful...

But last night Squish and I were outside walking on the deck. She couldn't sleep due to the ketchup she'd  eaten with dinner- the mini-pirate is allergic to all things tomato. (I made this final diagnosis last night while we were walking on the deck.) 

And then we saw the mountains on fire- as they sometimes are during the SUMMER.
Follow me?

So Squish and I snuck upstairs to see if our other pirates were still awake- they were. (It's SUMMER.) So we all snuck outside to take a look. There was a glowing line of fire, creeping it's way around the mountaintop- and the pirates were completely intrigued. They each stood on a chair to watch, while making their own deductions on how it must have started. I think they were waiting for the top to blow- and when we snuck them back off to bed they asked for updates if anything exciting should happen. 

Nothing did... Squish and I checked on it at least one more time during the night. 
(No more ketchup for Squish.) And when Enriqueboy checked in the morning- he described the cloud as "Beautiful!" Which is a way to describe it... if you're a girl-trapped pirate.

Want some more summer?


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