Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This is my brother Dave. 
Last Friday I drove down to Provo to steal his camera- because I needed it for Saturday.  He wasn't there... but I sent him a really nice text explaining things- and went on my merry way.
On Monday he drove up to my house to steal it back.  He called right before he came and I asked if he'd stop by Target to pick up a card reader. And straws.  We were completely out- and we were in a desperate need of a smoothie. 

"Robs is sick... She needs nourishment... Think of the children!"
...aaand smoothies taste so much better through straws.

He called when he got to Target and we walked through the store. 
"Find the aisle with the paper plates, and look on the top shelf.  They're in a little box..."
But he wasn't having any luck- so I said I'd pick them up later when I was out. 

When he got to our house Enriqueboy ran out to greet him. We went inside and he handed me the bag with a card reader and straws. 

I was surprised... but Enriqueboy was completely thrilled. 


We drank a smoothie, I gave him the camera- and he went on his merry way. 
Straws are only one of the zillion reasons we love Dave.


  1. I love that you're so close to your family. What a fun story.

  2. Oh Dave! How I miss all our parties at the Brodegard apt on 300 E. We must party soon.