Tuesday, April 24, 2012


On Friday, Catherine and Quentin graduated.  Robs had her first field trip to the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum. Enriqueboy survived the day by playing on several iPhones, and Squish slept through her very first commencement ceremony. Ever. 

Towards the end Squish woke up and went incredibly squirrely.  I gave my camera to my brother Dave, and he caught one of Robs-on-the-brink. I laughed. BEST. GRADUATION. PICTURE.


Luckily for Robs they said the prayer. Squish snapped a picture at the "amen" and caught the early-bird eye-opener.
At Tucano's Robs ate mashed potatoes. Enriqueboy ate grapes. Squish ate these little mini-rolls that have a special name I can't remember- they were delicious.

Later that evening we watched the sun set and reminisced over hilarious times and sticky situations. 
The day was grand even at it's lowest points.

Congratulations Catherine and Quentin! 

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  1. congratulations to everyone for their massive achievements!! and those pictures were awesome - the intended and the not so much.